Included Bark or Embedded Bark (EB) – Included bark occurs when bark is included into the attachment between two stems, preventing the joining of wood tissue in the area between the stems. Included bark attachments always have an extremely narrow angle between the stems, resembling the letter “V” (rather than the letter “U” or “L” typical in strong attachments). As stems having included bark increase in size, pressure is exerted from the stem expansion and a crack often develops in the crotch between the stems. Included bark attachments have a higher potential for failure in later years.
Infiltration Rate – A soil characteristic determining or describing the maximum rate at which water can enter the soil under specified conditions, including the presence of an excess of water.
Interface (Soil) – Zone between two different textures on modified and unmodified portions of a soil.
Interior Foliage – Typically small-diameter (less than 3 inches) branches with foliage on the interior or inner portion of the crown


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