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Fertilization & Soil

Fertilization & Soil

Trees are some of the longest-lived organisms on earth, and if we know one thing for certain, it is that Mother Nature knows best. In the forest, soils are healthy and full of rich organisms and nutrients that are necessary for trees to live and reach their full potential.

In the urban environment, the life expectancy of trees is a fraction of what it is in the forest due to a lack of microrganisms and nutrients in the soil, a lack of oxygen due to compaction of soils and other environmental stresses caused by humans. As a result, trees in the urban forest rarely reach their genetic potential.

Without trees, we rapidly create deserts and drought. Without trees, the atmosphere will alter its composition and life support systems will fail. One only needs to take a look at the errors of our past for evidence of this.


Using Herbicides and Fertilizers Can Make Your Tree or Trees Worse

Herbicides and Fertilizers only make things worse for trees. Herbicides can damage soil, causing a raise in harmful fungi while beneficial organisms and fungi which help plants take up nutrients and minerals decline. Most fertilizers contain salts that destroy essential elements and push a tree to grow excessively. This harms the internal systems of trees and can destroy the soil and increase the risk for tree failure. Fertilizers also leach through the soil into our water tables leaving us and other life forms at risk.

Armed with this information, ONeils Tree Service began to research what products would help to create healthier soil like Mother Nature intended. We have been able to obtain some of the best products available to amend the soil you already have. ONeils Liquid Organics puts the essential ammendments, microorganisms and nutrients back into the soil. Our proprietary mix of compost, amino acids, microbes and other micro-nutrients restore the soil back to the conditions which trees and plants were meant to grow in. We also add products such as black sea kelp, humates, plant extracts and calcium to our mix based on your tree’s specific situation and needs.

We mix these highly concentrated organics with water and inject it directly into your soil to make it immediately
accessible for absorption. As a result this helps to break up the soil and relieve some of the compaction. Oxygen levels increase and are more accessible to the roots. Porosity of the soil is increased as well.


Reasonably-Priced Fertilization That Gets Results!

Our fertilization program is reasonably priced, and you will normally start to see results within two applications. These applications are done two to three times per year and the results can increase the longevity of your trees and boost their natural ability to survive.

We have used the ONeils Organics on many residential and commercial properties over the last
several years and seen incredible results. It is a routine part of our Tree Care program .

ONeils Tree Service has the ability and equipment to make sure that your soil is the best it possibly can be for the trees on your property. ONeils often takes soil samples and analyzes it to see what your trees are missing. We can recommend the proper treatment in order to have the most optimal growing environment for your tree.

Often this process begins with an analysis of the soil, radial trenching or vertical trenching and the addition of organic matter and nutrients to enhance your soil thus the trees. Radial trenching is performed with a tool known as an Air Spade. The Air Spade moves high pressure air through the soil removing porous material (dirt) without damaging nonporous material (roots). Radial trenching begins at the base of the tree and the trench moves radially away from the base. Once all the radial trenches have been blown a circular trench is often blown around the drip line of the tree. Vertical trenching is another technique which can be done with the same tool mentioned above or an auger. Obviously the air spade is much better for the overall health of the tree because it does no damage to the root system and an auger will tear up some roots. Vertical trenching is done in a grid pattern under the drip line of the tree. Radial trenching and vertical trenching also help to alleviate soil compaction and allow more oxygen back into the root zones. After all the trenching has been done, the trenches are back filled with organic matter and different nutrients determined by the soil test are added the trees will begin take notice. This is all part of what ONeils can do to make your trees feel good.

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