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Cabling & Bracing

Cabling & Bracing

O’Neil’s offers cabling and bracing for trees that are very valuable and are to be preserved despite whether or not they have the most sturdy structure. There are two types of cabling systems used in trees and each one serves a different purpose. Both types of cabling systems are only considered to be a secondary support to the trees natural strength.


Static Cabling System

The first type of system that is used in trees is called a static cabling system. We do not commonly recommend these types of systems because of liability, but they are used in trees that usually already have cracks or severe structural defects. Often a static cabling system makes use of braces which help to pull the weak points back together and are typically installed through the weak crotches. The static system doesn’t allow the tree to move naturally and commonly makes the tree become very dependent on the cables for support. Trees actually have a natural reaction to the natural movement caused by wind through the canopy and when a tree is pushed a little to far it will start to develop what is known as reaction wood. This conteracts the same movement from happening in the future. Usually when a static system is installed in the tree this amazing preservation mechanism stops. That is why the tree becomes so dependent on the cables.


Dynamic Cabling System

The second cabling system used in trees is called a dynamic cabling system. The main product used in a dynamic system is a synthetic nylon looking material that is designed to by flexible and shock absorbent. When this system is installed correctly the tree can move naturally and the cable prevents the tree from moving so far that it damages the weak attachment point which will make complete failure much more likely. This system unlike a static system doesn’t allow the tree to become dependent on the cable. O’Neil’s commonly recommends these cables and installs them often.

The need for this service should decrease in years to come due to the fact that structural pruning has proven to handle structural issues before they become a big problem. However, many tree trimmers are not properly pruning trees, and these structural issues will continue to present themselves as long as these so called tree guys are in business.

Find out what type of cabling is right for your tree or trees

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