Does decay or disease make a tree dangerous?

Yes, Decay or disease in a tree can make it dangerous if left undiagnosed. When a tree is affected by decay or disease, it may become structurally weakened, making it more susceptible to failure. This may not always be the case, depending on location and size of the effected area; Which is why it is always good idea to ask your local tree professionals if there is any question or concern.

Due to the possible structural damage can cause it to be vulnerable to falling or dropping branches, especially during severe weather events.It is essential to have regular inspections of trees by an ISA Certified Arborists or tree care professionals to identify signs of decay or disease.

Disease and decay in a tree can manifest in various ways, such as cavities or hollows, soft or spongy wood, cankers, wilting, leaf loss, or discoloration. These signs can indicate diseases or internal decay as a result of infection by pathogens, fungi, bacteria, or infestations, which can weaken the tree’s structural stability over time.

If you are concerned about your trees you can always call your Tree Professionals to have it looked at by a certified ISA Arborist. If a tree is determined to be hazardous due to decay or disease, appropriate measures should be taken, which may include pruning, cabling, bracing, or even tree removal, to reduce the risk of failure and potential damage or harm.

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