Tree service slide cleaning at play world

Slide Cleaning at Play World

We had a little fun the other day doing some unusual tree work. We were asked to help clean and dust the slide in Play World at the Highland Recreation Center in Largo Florida. You can find out more information about the center here:

It was a tougher job than we had expected because it was a bit different from another day at the Tree Service Office. We are familiar with getting around in trees, we save the slides to our kids nowadays, but with the climbing techniques and the understanding, we have of rope systems we were able to safely clean the exterior of the slide.

I guess we are now a Tree Service Slide Cleaning Service? Well, since it’s different from our day to day grind (not really a grind, we get to hang out in trees every day, isn’t that every boy’s dream growing up) we will do it again and now know how to do it better next time.

You will find some pictures below of our guys on the slides: